We want our guests to feel reassured that they are visiting a venue that has assessed the risks relating to COVID-19 for the protection of all who have access (guests and hosts).  A full risk assessment has been carried out according to government guidelines and will be frequently revisited should guidelines change.


It is important that guests read the information below for important information relating to their visit to our huts for both their reassurance but also to understand requirements for their stay with us. We aim for these precautions to manage the risks whilst not impeding your holiday enjoyment.  The guidelines are set by the UK government and are required to restrict the spread of COVID -19 in hospitality venues. We have been successfully awarded Visit England Good to Go award for our COVID practices. 



Guest arrival policy


Keys for the hut will be either in the keypad lock located by the hut door (code will be emailed to you prior to arrival) or in the door by prior arrangement.  The key will have been disinfected from the previous guest.


Further COVID-19 related visit information


  • Each hut is naturally isolated and has its own facilities including mini kitchen and bathroom. There are no shared facilities. We will not enter the hut whilst you are in residence but if you need assistance please ring 07899962029.

  • Payment for your stay will be taken online 7 days before your visit so there is no need for onsite payment. 

  • Guest book/visitor guide – a visitor information pack will be emailed to you prior to your arrival – please read as this contains important information regarding your stay.  Within the hut is a laminated pack of information, this will have been sanitised between guests.

  • Laundry (sheets, towels, pillow cases, tea towels etc) – all laundry is washed to 60 degrees as per government required standards. Pillow protectors are changed and washed between each guest. A laundry bag will be provided and it would be appreciated if duvet cover and pillow cases were removed at the end of your stay and placed in this laundry bag - there is a risk of COVID particle dispersion when bedding is shaken on removal.

  • Hand sanitiser is provided in each hut, please use when returning to the hut from outside plus wash hands frequently as per government advice.

  • We have reduced the amount of catering equipment to avoid inadvertent contamination between guests so just regular items are immediately available however further disinfected items (bowls, extra plates etc.)  are stored within bags in the kitchen cupboard. All items used during your stay should be washed and left on the draining board. If any additional items are used please just leave on the draining board after use so we can disinfect and restore.

  • Irons and hairdryers are disinfected and stored in sealed bags.  If used just leave out so we can re-disinfect.

  • Mattresses and pillows – these are steamed after each guest or removed and washed then rotated after 72 hours rest.

  • Touch points – taps, light switches, door handles, bathroom, lamps etc –will be disinfected to EN14476/ EN14675 standard between each guest. All surfaces will be disinfected too.  Soft fabrics will be sprayed with disinfectant.

  • Games – are now available on request rather than being stored in the huts. Please just ask for the box and we can drop it off.

  • To protect our staff and you from inadvertent COVID-19 transmission – staff will wear PPE equipment whilst preparing the huts including gloves, aprons & facemasks. Gloves will be changed between removal of laundry, cleaning and installation of new bedding.

  • Showers and bathroom surfaces will be surface disinfected after each guest stay.

  • Only guests booked in the hut can stay overnight, no additional visitors are permitted within the huts. Only two persons from a family/bubble can stay in the hut at any one time.



Guest guidelines for departure


  • Please leave the key in the door or on the table within the hut and leave a window open for ventilation.

  • All refuse must be bagged and placed in dustbin.

  • Cans and bottles should be placed in the recycling bins outside the huts.

  • All used crockery and cutlery should be washed and left out on the draining board.

  • Used towels should be left on the shower tray

  • To reduce contamination risk to staff it would be preferred if beds were stripped and laundry left on the floor or in the laundry bag provided. (please leave pillow & mattress protectors on)



Should illness occur


Should a guest have COVID-19 symptoms before arrival, please do not attend.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for illness once the 7-day pre-visit payment window as detailed in our booking policy.


Should a guest develop COVID-19 symptoms whilst visiting, it is recommended, if the guest is able to do so, that they return to home NOT stay at the hut. The guest should then arrange to be tested and then self-isolation should then occur following government guidelines.


If a guest is unable to leave the hut because of serious COVID-19 illness symptoms then 111 should be contacted for medical advice. We reserve the right to charge for the additional length of the guests stay including any costs incurred using the card provided at booking.  We will endeavour to help by providing food and assistance. Once the guest is well enough to return home, this should then occur. Testing should be arranged at a Nottingham testing point which can be arranged via the UK government COVID testing website.


Should a guest develop positive COVID-19 symptoms immediately after their stay, this must be declared to us on departure or as soon after so the hut can be vacated for 72 hours and disinfected and track and trace can occur.